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Release date:
August 27th, 2015

Platforms and Pricing
iOS (2.99 USD)
Android (Free/2.99 USD)
Windows Phone (Free)


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Tiny Empire is a one-touch control physics puzzle game featuring gorgeous 16-bit aesthetics, epic soundtrack and challenging levels carefully designed with fun in mind. In each level the player must aim and shoot the cannon. Accuracy and timing is of utmost importance: ammo is limited and there are three kinds of projectiles with varying explosion radius. The game has excellent tutorials and a smooth learning curve, you will go from blasting stationary Orcs to shooting moving Beholders in the eye in no time! At the end of each stage the player will be ranked on the classic three-star rating system based on how many enemies he killed and allied/hostages he did not.



Tiny Empire é um physics-puzzle com controles simples de um só toque e apresenta uma estética deslumbrante remetendo aos grandes artistas da era 16-bit, uma trilha sonora épica e fases divertidas, meticulosamente projetadas e muito gratificantes. Para avançar para o próximo nível o jogador deve manejar o canhão com muita habilidade. Mas só saber mirar não basta: nas fases mais avançadas é necessário atirar no momento certo também. Tudo isso é apresentado aos poucos através de tutoriais bem colocados em uma curva de aprendizado suave e divertida. Em pouco tempo os ágeis Beholders voadores cairão tão fácil quanto os pobres Orcs, bobos demais para se mexerem. Ao final de cada fase o jogador receberá de uma a três estrelas, dependendo do número de inimigos que eliminou e quantos aliados poupou.


  • EXPLORE THE KINGDOM on a vast map filled with more than 80 levels!
  • DEFEAT SAVAGE CREATURES such as beholders, stone golems, crow riders, and many more!
  • PLAN YOUR ATTACKS carefully – each bomb works best on a different situation!
  • RECLAIM ABANDONED MINES to supply your empire with an endless stream of diamonds!
  • UNLOCK CANNONS AND HELMS to equip your troops with the best gear of the kingdom!


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Selected Articles

  • "I loved the difficulty and thought it was a pretty refreshing experience in terms of needing skill to move forward."
    - Eric Ford, TouchArcade
  • "The game looks great, the music’s satisfying, and the gameplay is fun and fairly challenging for everyone."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "Looks to have more smart ideas than Angry Birds ever managed in its six year history."
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer
  • "Smart levels alongside a few unlockables and charming 16-bit visuals are sure to keep you shooting until your kingdom is safe again."
    - Giancarlo Saldana, MacLife
  • "A well made, story driven, puzzle shooter that doesn’t spam you with ads and time limits."
    - Jack Cooksey, PocketFullOfApps
  • "Tiny Empire looks like a 16-bit game that wouldn’t be out of place on the Sega Genesis or SNES."
    - Jennifer Allen, 148Apps
  • "If you miss the days where people would play with the Angry Birds / Crush the Castle formula and try something new, you’ll want to consider adding Tiny Empire to your collection."
    - Jim Squires, Gamezebo
  • "For those interested in orc- and golem-slaughtering."
    - Bhernardo Viana, IGM
  • "An interesting and somewhat original take on the physics puzzle, Tiny Empire is a solid and worthy addition to the canon."
    - Nate Adcock, iPhoneLife
  • "Tiny Empire draws heavy influence from old-school games. You can notice it by just taking a quick at its map which reminds us immediately of Super Mario World."
    - Tamirys Seno, Garotas Geeks
  • "Very vibrant and nostalgic visuals [...] and a pleasant difficulty level."
    - Leonardo Florsz, Baixaki
  • "Tiny Empire - a blast of a Windows Phone game."
    - George Ponder, Windows Central
  • "A cannon blasting game that is full of character, great art, skill-based game play and delightful music."
    - Jaymes Carter, DroidGamers
  • "Killing orcs is fun."
    - John Hoff, Android Community
  • "Blast enemies away with a mix of simple physics and upgrades."
    - Michael Crider, Android Police
  • "Levels become more complicated as players progress, and may challenge gamers to defeat creatures while not also hitting friendly soldiers."
    - Brandy Shaul, SocialTimes/AdWeek
  • "A nice challenge rather than just simply trying to blow everything up."
    - Brett Nolan, AppAddict
  • "There’s lots of good-looking stuff"
    - Chris Reed, SlideToPlay
  • "We have sifted through the noise and highlighted those select few (mobile games) that might be worth your attention."
    - Lucas M. Thomas, IGN
  • "In conclusion we can say that Tiny Empire is a very fun and entertaining game, with a gameplay that stands out from the crowd and simple yet polished graphics, therefore highly recommended for all fans of puzzle games."
    - Dario Chechi, Tuttoxandroid.it
  • "Definitely fun and addictive [...] set in a fantasy world, with graphics reminiscent of the best RPGs of the days of old."
    - Francesco, HDblog.it
  • "The animations are smooth and fluid, and the 80s soundtrack is really a delight."
    - AVRMagazine.it, AVRMagazine.it
  • "A fast-paced, solid physics puzzler."
    - Marcus Schwarten, iPlayApps.de
  • "Tiny Empire offers some fresh ideas and comes with retro graphics. [...] The level design is very clever."
    - Check-App.de, Check-App.de
  • "Tiny Empire leaves a good impression thanks to its great mix of puzzle and shooting."
    - AirGamer.de, AirGamer.de
  • "As you progress in the game, you'll have to learn to deal with the different bullets you have. Nothing that requires very deep tactics, but it is enough to keep the game fun."
    - Rutger Otto, iPhoned.nl
  • "The game does a good job of hooking you gradually with its charming pixel art and epic soundtrack."
    - Risky Maulana, TechInAsia.id
  • "If you missed the moment when games like Angry Birds and Crush the Castle were hugely popular, then Tiny Empire is definitely the game you should be checking out now. Its fresh ideas and plot twists make it stand out on its own."
    - iVanoff, App-Time.ru
  • "The beautiful 16-bit graphics resemble the style from the games of old, and the gameplay is a test of marksmanship. Tiny Empire is not overly complicated, but surely is lots of fun."
    - MaxSpeed, GameK.vn

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